August 21, 2011

Our day in phrases, cuz mama's too tired to think

coffee with the one I love
picnic packing
waking children
yogurt, fruit, pecans and chia seeds
mcgriddles - yep, you read that right :)
1.5 hour drive through the gorgeous hills that we call home
VW westie cruzin'
happy children
peeing on a gravel road
exploring the hilly slopes, weeds and creek after the pee
sanctuary with UU's
Pathways Spiritual Sanctuary
meandering hike
babies and snacks
picnic lunch under a shady tree
sleepy stroller ride
Buddhist water ceremony
carrot eating horses
sun and blue sky
ice cream with beloved friends
playing and falling more in love with ZJ
lots of nursing time 
giggles and funny faces, enough so to warrant picture taking by passing bikers
pitiful fire pit fire
but hot enough to burn little fingers :(
snuggles with my biggest boy
sleepy time

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