March 15, 2006


Have you ever had a moment in time where everything just flowed so perfectly it nearly took your breath away? I had a long moment like that tonight. We finished dinner (the boys and I, John's out of town) and I started cleaning off the table and tidying the kitchen. All around me I had these 3 marvelous little boys completely absorbed in their chosen tasks. Saylor was having a little steam inhalation time (stuffy nose) which then turned into an experiment with more eucalyptus oil, another bowl and a dish towel being added into the concoction. Stone was playing with playdough at the table, wrapping up different tools in a blanket of purple playdough. Sage was busy (for well over an hour) working at his little work-station (two chair seats serving as just the right size table for him to stand by). He had markers, playdough, clay, and various sizes of cups and bowls. He was going back and forth and putting little pieces here then moving them to here and then poking them with his marker, and then taking them out of that cup and putting them into this bowl. So busy!
I was filled with such a warm feeling of gratitude during this beautiful moment I like to call ~ flow ~.

Saylor prepared a very special dessert for this evening. He chopped up some fresh strawberries, crushed some malted milk easter eggs, smashed up some Hershey's Kisses with caramel, and stirred it all together. YUMMY! He was so proud of himself and kept saying, "how do you like it? it's good, huh?" Then I'd take a bite (another bite) and then comment on how great it tasted all together, then I'd hand him the bowl back, and he'd just sit there and watch me finish my bite, and then say "it's good, isn't it?" Noticing now that he wasn't eating any of it, just getting joy from watching me enjoy it so much. I told him I felt bad that I was eating all of it, and he said he didn't feel like any sweets right now. So, I happily finished off the bowl! :)

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