March 29, 2006

On Coming Home

Our trip across the state went well. Sage slept a good portion, and was well entertained for the other! When we could see the city lights, everyone got pretty excited and then we had to do "3 cheers for Rapid City!" Then Stone held up his arms (think showing off ones muscles) and said "I am the guard of Rapid City" in a very guardish, heroic kind of way.
When we arrived in Rapid City, it was dark and there was a bunch of snow on the ground from the big storm that had just passed the weekend before. We weren't home for 10 minutes, and both Saylor and Stone were OUTSIDE playing, in the DARK, in the SNOW! Our yard here is very small, but they stay amazingly busy in it. They've been outside so much these past days; more than they'd played outside in SF for months. We're all loving being home!
Our house is somewhat put together. Boxes still in a couple of rooms, of course, but we have a peaceful place to land in the living/family/dining room, and our bedroom. It feels so good to be here in this house again. My body just knows this house in so many ways. I gave life to Stone in this house. While I was pg with Stone, I saw an intuitive consultant who told me "this is the home that you will heal in". I did.
We've spent time with lots of friends already, too. Pammy K. helped get things looking beautiful! (thanks, darling!) We hung out and played with Kendra and her boys; and today we went to a Mother's Collective potluck in the park for Monica's birthday. Always in awe over the amazing women in this special little group of ours! Also got to see the Martinez girls in their new home for a couple of hours this afternoon. The kids were merrily slopping through the mud and spreading apple seeds. The moms (and dad) enjoyed the last bit of warmth from the sun as we sipped our beers. It was a lovely, lovely 70 degree, sunny day here today! Gotta love that Rapid City weather! I'm so thankful to be back in it! Gratitude, Gratitude, Gratitude. I'm feeling it all around! :)
Ahhhhhhh, it's good to be H*O*M*E.

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Amy said...

Oh Karen, after reading that I want to go home with you, too! It sounds as if you're exactly where you're meant to be. I love that feeling.