March 5, 2006


We've had a nice Sunday. Our day started with yummy egg/biscuit sandwiches, lovingly made by our very own Daddy-O. We skipped out on church today, and headed, instead, to the mall for a syrup/coffee/playland run. Back home at noon to meet with the realtor and get our house on the market! Sign is in the yard, and we're hoping for a quick sale! Then, Sage and I headed upstairs for a little nappy, while the big boys went to pick out a new bicycle for Stone. He got a very cool one, with flames, of course! :) Dad put it together for him, while we all spent some time outside together. It was a nice, sunny day. Sun, lovely sun! Saylor said he was hungry for chicken wings, so off Dad and Stone go to the store for just the thing. Saylor and I read a book together about the Underground Railroad. He's quite suprised that people would treat other people that way. He thought maybe he would have bought some slaves and then let them all go. He said he wouldn't have any whips, or shackles, or masters. He would just let them go. Yep, I love my boy! Now Dad and Saylor are cooking up the chicken wings, on the grill, and we'll be feasting soon. Stone and Sage are here with me, sitting on the couch together, watching the Pink Panther cartoons on DVD. I just looked over and Stone was trying to give Sage a kiss, and Sage loves to kiss back; all open mouthed and everything. That made Stone laugh, which, in turn, made Sage giggle. Cuteness!

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