October 20, 2006

Ok, Already!

Since I get so much guff from my friends when I don't post, here's one for ya'll! :)
We're busy here in Rapid City, hanging out with friends and otherwise keeping busy playing together at home. We had a large crew of mama's and energetic, wonderful children over here today. I made a big pot of tomato leek soup and some homemade apple crisp, and the other crunchy mum's brought yummy food to share, so we spent the day feasting and talking and laughing. The kids enjoyed each other, and ended the day watching some of Over the Hedge, which we'd just rented last night (and my boys have watched, oh, I think 4 times now?)

Heidi (of the FiveFreeBirds) mentioned on her blog that she felt like she didn't have a lot to write about now that they're off the road. I can see where she's coming from. When traveling, every day is really an adventure. Not that we don't have our share of them now, it just seems that days fill up with stuff, and at the end of the day you're thinking "what did I do today?" When you are on the road, that's all you have to think about, what will we do today, what did we do today, oh, better blog about that... There isn't a WHOLE house to take care of, and a WHOLE yard, and 20 steps to get from one room to the next to deliver a snack or a drink of water. And I am beginning to see the beauty of only being able to do laundry *1 TIME* per week.

John is still in Colorado Springs working, and will be over the weekend and into next week. I had a slight break down the other night, but after talking to him for 2 seconds, felt better. I was really just pissed that we aren't together, so I aired it and he heard it and empathized and I moved on. That was also the night I really wanted a glass of wine and the corkscrew was in the bus, and the door is sticking and I couldn't get in to get it! Which is probably a good thing! Not such a good idea to turn to a substance when your stressed, but oh, a half a glass woulda been oh so good.

There you have it! I'll try to be better at this now that we're home. Love to all! :)


Anonymous said...

Last month I had a few days each week that I had a glass of wine a day....maybe not all at once. Cliff was worried I was going to turn into an alkie. But I didn't and wouldn't...lol.

Glad to read how you're doing. I won't give you any guff. Enjoy your boys...such cuties!

I think about you all and am so glad we met when y'all were in Iowa.


Snavleys said...

So glad you blogged! I have been checking every day, wondering how things were going. Know how you are feeling. Life is so simple and FUN when you are on the road. I am missing it achingly (is that a word?). I'm sure it is not easy to be separated from John either! This too shall pass so smile girl!!

Vicki said...

so where are you now? Are you in Sunny Cal yet?