October 29, 2006


Sheesh, I just can't seem to get into being on the computer at all lately. Every time I get on, I'm there for all of 5 or 10 minutes, but then I just ***crave** being with the boys, so off I go.
John got home on Thursday and has been crazy busy since then. He leaves today at noon to go to Omaha, NE. We won't be going with him because it's only a 5 day job.
He knocked on a whole bunch of doors yesterday and handed out fliers about himself for the election coming up. Only a few more days to go. He's hoping to be back here to meet more people next weekend.
We went to a costume party on Friday at the Schuster's home. It was much fun, lots of games and goodies. The kids had a blast. Then our little Emma (my sister's baby girl, 12 days older than Sage) turned two that day, so we partied a bit with her to help her celebrate!
The Jenner duo came on Friday and is spending the weekend with us. We're doing a whole lot of slackin' and that's a good thing. Diana took Hayden and Saylor down to help paint some pro-choice signs yesterday; Saylor said he had a good time doing that.
Today we're off to church; they're having an inter-generational service for the Day of the Dead. Should be interesting; I always enjoy spending time with that community of people, and the kids are coming to know the other children there, so I love that for them, too.
We have another Halloween party to go to on the 31st, with our Mother's Collective tribe. Sure to be lots of yummy but healthy food and snacks, and games for all the little creatures that come.
And now, I need to start putting my mind into birthday mode, for our little man Sage will turn 2 on the 8th. Doesn't seem right! My baby . . .

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