December 8, 2006

Friday, 12/8/06

I updated our blog to the Blogger Beta, and now I lost my Flikr Badge! Ugggh. Maybe my hero will again come to my rescue! A very tech savvy friend of mine from Soo Foo helped me out the last time it went all wonky! Mel.....? Would you be so kind? :)

John's working the day shift today, then next week moves back to the night shift. I'm looking forward to that. It's nice having him around here with us during our days. Our week has flown by. We've settled into a bit of a routine of doing a bike ride in the morning, just around the park. And, oh my! The park looks to be very level, but put a Burly and a kid or two behind you and you soon have legs on fire. There's a hill there somewhere, even though I can't see it! I have been saying I need some exercise...

Then, we play around the bus, we're close to the playground, so between here and there. D comes over, we play and snack some, then eat lunch. Hmmm, we do a lot of that eating thing around here! Then we go to the pool for a while. Sage mainly runs laps around the pool, naked, pretending to be "Soup-man" or "Pidaman", arms outstretched holding his make belive cape in the air. I've been jumping in the last couple of days, then mainly just sitting in the beautiful warm sun. It feels so good. The big boys play in and around the pool for an hour or so, then they're done. Then, shortly after, John arrives home and searches out his beloved Corona ;) and we all hang outside until it's just too chilly.

This weekend, we're going to go to a nearby town, Lake Elsinore, where there's supposed to be a petting zoo, then we're going to do a long drive along the coast. Just last night, as Stone was dozing off, he told me he really wants to go to the beach again. No worries, my love, we'll be there again soon.
I took this picture last week, just before I found a place to squeeze in for myself. We sure can fill up a queen sized futon in a hurry! Usually, John and Saylor sleep together on the futon in the living area, and the rest of us are here in the bedroom in the back of the bus.


Snavleys said...

Aaaaahhhhhhh, they look so sweet all snuggled up!! It looks like your adventure is in full swing. It is everything I can do not to jump in the motorhome and take off to join you!!! Calista told me the other day she wants to live in the motorhome again............some day girlfriend! Glad you guys are having a good time. Are you going to make it to the conference in Corvallis?

Mel said...


Glad to be of service!

zenmomma said...

Yes, yes!! Come to Corvallis for LIFE is Good. :o)

DaikiniCrossroads ~Crystal~ said...

The world is so small sometimes. I used to live in Corona, oh and hey...I know of no petting zoo in Elsinore. There is a petting zoo right over Ortega hwy on the other side of Elsinore. I think it is called Jones Farm.

There is an ostrich farm in Elsinore though.

Oh and YES come to LIFE!