March 24, 2008

Cleaning Kids

John's been recently posting at UB, asking for advice on how to handle the mess that will happen when living with children.

I thought it was SO fitting that I snapped a photo of Stone doing this the other day, on his own, didn't ask him once.

He was curious to see what he could find underneath all the couch cushions. He had a blast, exclaiming, "Wow! There's all kinds of interesting things under here!" So, he removed them from the couch, loveseat and chair, cleaned out all the big, fascinating gunk with his hands, then fetched the little yellow vac and sucked out the cracks. When he was done, and on to something more meaningful to him, I happily popped all the cushions back in place and put away the vacuum. I love that Boy! What a lucky mama, I am...

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kelli said...

I mentioned to Tim the posts on UB and we talked a bit about it. I think sometimes stress can make us revert back to some less "fun" selves, know what I mean? We sometimes aren't as patient and laid back as we want when we're stressed or worried about things... maybe? Maybe job stuff or questions of where you're going to live can effect how you're feeling.

Also Tim asked if John has just talked with the boys about how sometimes he might need some help from them to keep stuff picked up a bit. Not in a nagging, grumpy way, but just a conversation, like "we sometimes need some help" dialogue.

just some thoughts.