March 15, 2008

The Goings-On 'Round Here

Truly, I'm too tired to do this now, but I can't keep using that excuse. The boys are happily engaged with Robert, who's spending the night, so here I have a few moments of un-interrupted time. It seems that I can only keep up with my e-mail on a daily basis, and after that, I'm ready to get OFF the computer; so I haven't even been reading all of *your* blogs. ....sigh.... Hope you are all as crazy and happy as we are! :)

Ok, things are good. Stone lost a tooth a long time ago, and the other one is coming in already. We've done some dirt biking lately when the weather heats up enough to ride without frostbite. I attended a birth a couple of weeks ago; an exhausting 17 hours in the hospital, but now have more great friends in my circle. Always a good thing. I'm looking forward to attending two upcoming births, one in April and on in May--both friends, so it's an extra-extra special treat!

John's leaving for Minneapolis tomorrow for a Monday meeting/training and will hang out until the union meeting Wednesday night, so he'll be gone most of the week. The boys and I will likely spend time with friends while he's gone.

A few of us have started a breastfeeding support group for our community, and we'll have our second meeting this week. Our sleepy little town of 65,000 doesn't have a LLL anymore, so we had to do something!

John, Saylor and Stone are planning a 2 day kayak trip down Rapid Creek. Then, they want to try a 4 day trip. They're busy preparing and having a good time just doing that! They'll take the official trip some time in April, after some of the ice has melted.

We're eagerly anticipating a visit from our California-turned-Colorado friends early April. Sure to be a wonderful weekend. It's been too long, and I so look forward to having that wonderful energy around us again.

Saylor and Stone are both having a grand time playing WoW. We're all sharing an account right now, and it goes pretty smoothly *most* of the time. Saylor's been Skyping with friends a great deal, he loves his friends! We need to figure out what we need to do so that he can play WoW *and* Skype at the same darn time. Maybe just a little memory boost on the lap-top? Have to figure that out, fur sure!

John and I are reading _A New Earth: Awakening to Your Life's Purpose_ by Eckhart Tolle. Tis a very, very good, enlightening book. We're also doing the on-line free class that he and Oprah are offering. I do love that Oprah! (until she tells women everywhere to "get the epidural", that is! ;)

Life is crazy, wonderful, brilliant. A Gift.

Hope you are enjoying yours...


Sean said...

Wow sounds like a lot of things going on. I just saw a UU church and thought about you guys going there out in SoCal. I do miss the weather there... but the weather here was wonderful today.

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amy said...

Yeah, finally a new blog entry from Karen! So much wonderful happenings in your life.