March 23, 2008

Sunny, Sunny Sun-Day

We're without our two big boys this morning. They spent the night with Grandma last night. It's always soooo very weird when any one of them are gone, and especially weird to have them both gone right now. Sage is lost, to say the least. But he did get lots of mama and papa attention all for himself last night. He's happy watching his cartoons at the moment.

John and I are seriously entertaining the thought of listing our house for sale, and buying something in the 'multi' family category. The economy is scaring the sh** out of me right now. And since our income relies on funding (road work!), eeeeeeeeek! Breathe, Breathe, Breathe, all is as it should Be, Trust, Trust, Trust...............

Well, minor panic attack over, and moving on! So, if we bought a duplex, then the renter helps to pay our mortgage. Frees us up to travel more, opens up doors of opportunity when less of our money is sunk into our mortgage. Enables us to pay down that blasted cc debt. It's something that the boys need to be excited about, too. They're such free-flowing spirits, they're usually ok with just about anything! They occasionally ask to sell the house and live in the bus again. I do know they love their home base as well, so the win/win would be to find a way to have both.

The biggest, most exciting news these days is that the boys and I are planning a big, fat road trip to attend the LIFE is Good Conference in May! We're so excited, and already counting down the 5o something days until we leave. We'll drive out from here. John will be back at work in the twin cities, so if we can find a cheap ticket for him, he'll fly out and join us for the Memorial Day weekend. We are, of course, reserving the right to hang out in Oregon for as long as we wish, or until we're tired of sleeping on their floor.

On the ticket for today:
1. egg dying in our back yard, in the southern sun, warm and wonderful
2. a bike ride, in the sun, warm and wonderful (with Grandma, too!)

~~~~~~~~~~Peace, Love, Free~~~~~~~~~~

*oh, and speaking of which,
SHE will be at Life is Good, too!
Life ***IS*** Good, truly...


kelli said...

I'm so excited for you that you get to go out to Life is Good. I wish we were going to be out there but I don't think that's gonna happen :(

It's exciting that you will have more freedom if you sell :)

thinking of you guys~

The Arnolds said...

Aaaah the bus! I love it! Maybe it can drive down to NM one of these days and park in front of our house!

Sue and Steve said...

Hey I like to think outside the box too! So, our lovely garden basement has a couple of bedrooms, a family room and a bathroom in it... I'm sure we could fit in a little kitchen and we could share the big back yard....

Snavleys said...

Oh, we are trying so hard to make it to the Life is Good but, once again, I don't think it is going to work for us. Money, always about money, aarrrrggghhhh!! It looks like all is well in your side of the world.