March 11, 2009

Blythe, CA

Blondie boys.... A day after we'd arrived here in Hidden Beaches (just outside of Blythe, CA on the Colorado River), a lovely young couple crossed our paths. They're full-timing with their 10-year-old son and we were lucky enough to spend some time with this sweet family.
Geno even cooked us some soul-satisfying Italian grub...Amy pitched in, pie for dessert. Didn't I tell ya we were lucky??? Thanks again for the delicious dinner and thought-provoking conversation! :)
just hangin' our new backyard (for the week)
We've got quite the neighbor, here, too! This young lady is nesting in a tree right beside the bus. She just sits there and stares at us like this all day. Ok. We do plenty of staring at her, so it's a mutual thing. Daddy owl comes in for nightly visits...I hear him hooting outside right now. Ruka (our cat) was out the other day, and a little too close for Papa Owl's comfort, so he swooped down at her. She hasn't been quite so excited to dash out the door, like she usually does. I guess between him and the pack of coyotes we hear from across the river, she's decided inside is a decent place to spend her time.
On the dock at sunset


Sue and Maddie share this identity said...

OH, I just love the owl foto!
It's great to see all that you're doing. What a fabulous winter you're having! I know exactly where you stayed in O'Side with the parking lot nazis, Steve loves the harbor and we've been down there a time or 3.
After you said you were going to slab city, I looked it up online. It is *very* trippy, and it was great to see your photos of it.
Thanks for going to all this work to post photos and details so I can adventure vicariously!

Heather's Moving Castle said...

how awesome!!! the food sounds great too. ;o) you know what i think of the owl. so beautiful.