March 25, 2009

Right this Second...

on this dark, dark night... Saylor, Stone and John are down at the lagoon, just steps away from our bus, assisting a young man who's job is to delineate the area. The campground here has plans to dredge the little lagoon that's formed. That, in my opinion, would be a tragedy, as the lagoon is now complete with water dependent grasses and 3 species of frog larva, as well as lush habitat for several birds. Dustin (above mentioned young man) is here to document what's living there, what kind of habitat it is, whether or not it is, indeed, a 'wetland'. A wetland must meet 3 criteria in order to be classified as such, and he's found that the area does meet all 3 criteria. He's with us, as far as protecting the area. I believe his words were something along the lines of... "over my dead body..." Great Guy!

We saw Dustin poking around down there earlier today, so I asked him what he was doing. When he said he'd be back down there when it was dark, I asked him if he'd mind a couple kids tagging along. He said, "Sure! That'd be great, the more the merrier!" And so it is.... (i believe they're investigating the strange sound coming from the area right now... it even has Dustin stumped. Can't wait to hear a report soon!)

So, here we are, mom just fresh out of the shower, Sage watching his ever-loved Family Guy, and the big boys down exploring the world of biology. Isn't it wonderful the kinds of things that can happen when you live outside the box. Thank You, Abundant Universe!

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kelli said...

How interesting! I love that kind of stuff, observing what's present in the outdoors :)

Where are you guys right now?