March 11, 2009

Salvation Mountain

Some of the support that's inside Salvation Mountain. Tires of varying sizes were used, with limbs added to give the appearance of trees...or 'the monkey place', as Sage swiftly described it.
*The* creator at Salvation Mountain. Leonard Knight has been working on this gift to humanity for 24 years. He lives right there beside it, in a truck (or couple of trucks, I never figured it out for sure). Very primitive, either way. We toured the mountain a couple of times and were given a puzzle depicting Salvation Mountain and a dvd sharing his story. If you're ever near this place, do stop. You won't regret it!
Throughout the mountain and structure, which includes little rooms tucked away here and there, you'll find bible verses and messages such as this. The mountain itself (and everything else he makes/creates/builds/decorates are made from adobe and then given many layers of paint. The more paint he can get on it, the longer it'll last! It's impressive to know he's created all of this, yet lives with (and hence, works with) no running water or electricity. He digs the clay right out of the mountain, mixes it with water and straw (adobe) and gets to work. Amazing! He's also quite handy with the caulk. He's got his car and moped caulked to the hilt!
The Big Picture...

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