November 1, 2006

So Much Fun!

Halloween 06 was a fun one! We started celebrating last night with little pumpkins that the 4 boys carved. I'm 'mama on duty' to Hayden this week, so my three plus one! Today it was off to our Mother's Collective Party at 4:30. Next stop, Harvest Festival at a nearby church from 6:30 until 8'ish. And last, but CERTAINLY not least, trick or treating until it just got too darn cold for those big boys!

Sage and Stone konked out in the warm car while we dropped Saylor and Hayden off at houses that were still treating. In and out they went, over and over again. Hayden was determined to fill his bag up to the brim, and he did! My guys were ready to call it quits, but Hayden kept saying, "Oh, it'll be worth it!" So, that kind of kept them going. Saylor anyway! Stone decided he was done, cold, tired; so I hit a few houses for him while he stayed cozy.

As I carried in my two sleeping babes, Saylor and Hayden knocked on our neighbors door for their last 'hurrah'! Then, in they came to check it out! (see picture below, titled "The Loot!" :)
After they were satisfied that they looked through it thoroughly, they decided to re-watch Nacho Libre. I got them all set up with some protein snacks and glasses of water before I headed on up to do a quick entry and crawl under the down comforter with the wee ones.

It's been really great having Hayden here these past days. I was a bit nervous at first, Stone and he have a history of getting under each other's skin. They have done beautifully! I know they really like each other, they're just figuring it out for themselves. Funny thing is, they are so much like one another. Must be a second born thing?

And of course, Saylor is in Hayden heaven! They are getting in some really good time together, it's great to hear them off giggling about something. Today they had a 'moment', and I said "Awww, look, just like brothers!" It lasted about 2 minutes, then they were over it and on to the next experience, which was a joyful one from what I could hear echoing through the house.

Good memories being created by everyone . . . so much fun . . .

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