November 3, 2006

Two Times Today?!?

Wow! Blogging again for the second time today! Can ya believe it? I just had to spill out a bit of the pure love and joy I'm feeling about sharing our week with Hayden. It's been so great to watch the dynamics of the human relationship unfold. Stone and Hayden even had some one on one time playing together tonight while Saylor played Superman on PS2. *THAT* was cool! :)

Stone fell asleep on the couch, so I brought him up to bed, then went back down to collect up my baby. Well, 2 hours later, and here I am. I'm tired and know I need to go to bed, but I was just having so much darn fun laughing with those two boys. They've been playing around with a couple birth balls I have, and tonight, they decided they needed to exercise. So, they were doing sit ups and push ups and other crazy antics on the balls.

I was showing the boys one way to do sit ups, and Sage was beside me doing his best to imitate (which boiled down to thrusting his hips/butt up off the ground). I was laughing about that, then Hayden made a comment about "oh, great, even the baby does 'em better than me!" Oh my! That made me laugh my ars off! The way he said it was priceless. No real feelings of inferiority, of course, just this statement, plain and simple. It was too cute.

Then, they decided they'd like me to warm up some apple crisp for them. Then I hear Hayden saying "I think I'm going to start eating more healthy and riding my bike more so I can get in shape." Then Sage wanted some leftover soup; then Hayden saw that and wanted some, too. I made it last night, with chicken, zuchini, onions, and sweet corn. T'was good! I asked Hayden how he planned on getting in shape, and he said, "Oh, I don't know, by eating more fruit and stuff; and soup like this". So sweet! Theeeen, they thought they really would like the pomegranite. I tried getting out of that one, they're messy y'know? But, how could I deny Hayden his first taste? I harvested the seeds and they both enjoyed them by the spoonful.

Such a good day, a good week, a good friend. I asked him if he would do something for us. Would he come back to stay with us again sometime? "Yeah, we're coming back through here on our way back from Oregon". That's great! But, will just you come sometime again? (not that I don't love you, D!) I told him that it's been really nice spending time with just him, and that we've loved the chance to get to know him even better, and it'd be fun to do it again sometime.
He said he would do that for us! Looking forward to it.

Now, they're downstairs, squeezing in some last minute time together before bed. They know they are welcome to come on up to our family bedroom and watch tv while they drift off to sleep when they're ready.

I'm headed there now to read a few pages of The Unprocessed Child and easy my mind into peaceful rest. Night.


Snavleys said...

So sweet Karen! I'm struggling this week with so much contention in our house; trying to figure out where it is all coming from. Trying to get back to my zen-like state and start enjoying my kids again. I think we are going through the "let-down" period after all the excitement in our lives the past year. I need blogs like yours to keep me going!!

Heather B said...

Loving your posts too and your tone is so comforting...moms like you are rare.

I enjoyed Unprocessed child!!! Virginia was one cool mama back in her day...I'm so glad her ways are less common now.

Heather b said...

oops... I mean more common now about Virginia F. :~)

Anonymous said...

So how'd the election go for John??