November 2, 2006


Our days have been fun and relaxing while Hayden's been here. There have only been a couple of times that they've needed, and taken, a breather from each other. We've been hanging out around the house, and the boys usually make their way into the kitchen at least once a day to make themselves something to eat. This ranges from scrambled eggs (which they are very good at!) to a creative concoction of various fruits thrown together and then cooked in a pan, and then put in the freezer for just the perfect amount of time. What perfect practice for when they become daddies and husbands; their wives/partners will be so grateful!

I met a prospective doula client last night; she's due December 1 with her first baby. They are a beautiful couple and will undoubtedly have a beautiful baby. I had some extra time, so I browsed around Border's with my cup of decaf and looked at some utterly amazing photography books. Photography...something I've always been interested in, but, like so many others, put it aside. For now, not forever.

Sounds like John will be in Omaha until Saturday, then hopefully he'll make it home late Saturday night. He was hoping to do more door-knocking this weekend. I'm sure he'll still get some done on Sunday. My good friend Pammy K. celebrates her birthday on Saturday, which is a really *B*I*G* occasion for her, so I'll be joining her and some friends for a drink at Minerva's.

I'd like to be able to volunteer some time between now and the election to help G.O.T.V. on behalf of the SD Campaign for Healthy Families. We'll see if I can steal away some time from the kids, or maybe even make a few phone calls from home. It's scary close right now, in the polls anyway. Last I checked, 51% for over-turning the abortion ban and 49% in favor of keeping it. That's too close. It makes me crazy that each side has spent about $8,000,000 on this issue. It makes me crazy that our lame state can't step up and raise the minimum wage so that families had more resources and wouldn't have to make such a painful decision in the first place. It makes me crazy that so much time and energy and money is being spent on such a hot topic that affects SO FEW, instead of really looking at making some positive changes for South Dakota that affect EVERYBODY. Between the abortion issue and gay marriage, it's just insane. Ya don't like abortion? Don't have one. Ya don't wanna marry someone of the same sex? Don't. Have you had a same sex proposal lately? Ok, whoa, kinda got carried away there. I'm all done now!


Anonymous said...

My hubby is coming home this weekend too after being gone for a few weeks. I hope you are able to enjoy him.

I love the Scott Noelle site!! Thanks!!

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