November 15, 2006

Is this really my life?

I ask myself that question often. Is this really my life? My amazing, wonderful, joyful, exciting life full of love and light and bliss? I am ever thankful for my life, for my children and the gifts they give to me every day, for the lessons they teach me about myself and for how they push me to be a better human being. I am ever thankful for my most wonderful husband, who loves me for who I am, who embraces all of my zany ideas with nothing less than pure enthusiasm, who trusts me deeply and who is my best friend in the whole world.

So, yep, this really is my life and I'm in love with it, can you tell? How did I get to this place, this creation of the life of my dreams? I honestly don't know, (well, I do have some idea) I'm just so very grateful that I did. I'm grateful that I decided to listen to that inner voice, even when it wasn't the voice of anyone else in my little world. It was telling me to do things that felt right, rather than to do things because "everyone else is". I still listen to that voice inside, that Goddess within. Forever wise and guiding me further down the peaceful path of more...


Anonymous said...

My husband has been working in SD for awhile now. I don't blame you for being totally excited about going to Calif. I would be so excited too. I hope to see some pics on your blog this winter. :~)

Love your blog posts!!


kelli said...

Lovely Karen :)

I know what you mean, I feel so blessed also.