June 18, 2007

Road-tripping is FUN!

We're in RC right now. The trip north-east went well. Only a minor mechanical problem on the bus, and John, being the super-cool-extremely-talented-can-figure-anything-out- kind of Guy, pin-pointed and solved the problem: a dirty air filter! We left Sacramento WAAAAY early Friday morning, like around 4:00 am. YIKES! It took us most of the day to get to Utah, to be with family there. It was a hot drive, and the air filter thing took a few stops and babying of the bus to get resolved. We were thankful to arrive and have the chance to hang out with George & Rita for the weekend. We went to a lake (which lake, Rita? I don't remember...she reads, I know she'll answer!) on Saturday and had lots and lots of fun there. Rita had the brilliant idea to whip up some "hobo stew". What is hobo stew, you ask? Why, it's chopped up potatoes, carrots, onions and the meat of your choice (or none at all!) all thrown into handy little tin-foil packets to be grilled when the time is right. We frolicked in the water for awhile, then dug a hole, threw in some charcoal, and had ourselves a feast on the beach. Sage was becoming quite friendly with the water, and walking out, up to his neck, and then turning around and walking back to the shore, over and over and over. You could just see him figuring out how his body moves differently in the water and how to compensate for that. I was right beside him the whole time, and he did tip a couple of times, but always came up grinning, and wiping the water off of his face, and then back to his high-stepping through the water routine.

On Sunday, we made a big breakfast of pancakes, eggs and sausage for the Dad's on their special day, then headed to a little local fishing hole. No fish were caught, but George, Saylor and Stone did a great job of building a little dam to divert the flow of water in a flowing spot. As tummies began to growl, we headed back to the house and created a whole mess of kabobs for lunch/dinner, and followed them with some delicious strawberry shortcake! (it's all about the food, with me, isn't it? :)

The boys had the best time playing with their Uncle, who is so kid-friendly! He KNOWS how to play, and our boys adore him! And, we have it doubly good, because Rita also gives the boys lots of respect and kindness. On our journey away from their home, John and I talked about how easy it was to be there. The boys were accepted and cherished for who they are, which can sometimes mean really silly little boys who have to urp all kinds of goofy body function words! Thanks, guys, for a really wonderful weekend! We'll have to do it again, soon!

I'll get some pictures up when I can...stay tuned! :)


Rita N Geo said...

We love having you guys, TOO! You know those boys deserve a lot of attention! They crack us up! George and I were very sad to see you off, George cried! I know, sad huh? You are all welcome anytime and I hope you had as much fun as we did. We are like old people though and are still recovering! Oh, and the lake was called Pineview Reservoir... XOXOXO

Sue and Steve said...

Hey Karen, Somehow it's comforting to hear you're back in Rapid City, even though that's farther from us! I like how your lives are full of surprises and flexibility and new directions -- how fresh and exciting (and good practice for not getting rigid and fear-driven in life...)
I've been asking myself WWKD recently, and it's always a great reminder for me to relax and say yes. (Maddie's so enamoured of your approach to life that she's created a character after you in our dungeons and dragons-type game that we'll have to show you sometime...)
So, we're just sitting here in SoCal, waiting for that buyer, thinking about dropping our price to lure someone sooner rather than later! I can't wait to get out to CO!

Heather said...

Glad u all made it home safely. Always checking to see where u are heading next. Very exciting!