June 8, 2007

The Trip

our traveling flockThe Great Salt Lake Desert

An interesting sculpture out in the middle of NO WHERE! Throughout the Salt Lake Desert, there really is nothing, so people go and put interesting things to look at, for us weary travelers, I guess! There's a christmas tree, lots of rocks that spell things, stacks of balancing rocks. It's fun to look at what people have added.
3 boys
2 birds
1 dog
1300 miles
5 states
2 days
1 hotel (and night swimming)
2 movies
2 too many fast-food stops, blech!
lots of good music

0 major meltdowns

We did well! :)


Sue and Steve said...

Love the birds on the dashboard! The near one looks very laid back. Wonder what they thought of speeding through the desert...

Glad you all made it safe and sound and with no meltdowns. That's always an accomplishment. Say hi to John for us -- we miss you all terribly...

off on our own road trip tomorrow (tues) for Colorado...

Sue and Steve said...
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Sue and Steve said...

hee hee. Didn't realize Blogger would leave a comment about me deleting a comment. Just a double post, not a rant reconsidered!