June 8, 2007

Why didn't I think of this before?

The boys and I have done our Target & Trader Joe's run, to grab a few essentials. It's a close drive to both, about 2.8 miles or so, so that's good. As we were nearing Trader Joe's, I was beginning to feel myself tense up about taking 3 healthy, active boys grocery shopping. It's just not fun for them, so they find ways to make it fun, and they usually include things that make me crazy! So, brainstorm! I asked them each to grab a basket, and go shopping! I told them to browse around at all the aisles (including the produce aisle!) and choose the things that looked good to them. So...they did! They went off together, shopping away! I don't know if this would work in a big store, but TJ's is a small, cozy little place and I felt completely ok with them being out of my sight. Interestingly enough, they stayed with *each other* the entire time, and no fighting, bickering, arguing, etc. Just lots of excitement, helping each other find things, and comparing baskets. It was SOOOO COOOOL! This, we will most certainly do again! It was a splendid shop, FUN, even! We got everything we ALL needed/wanted and walked out of there with no raised blood pressure!

Here's what they chose, collectively:
granny smith apples
a pineapple
2 bags of jerky
1 bag of organic avocados
2 6-packs of Hansen's natural soda (root beer and cherry vanilla creme)
salt & pepper potato chips
miso soup
udon soup
terriyaki noodle bowl
organic tomato bisque
bag of confetti candy
frozen potstickers
cinnammon rolls

Oh, and Sage chose a watermelon!

Good times...


diana-still-evolving said...

You are such a clever mama! I wanna be set free in Trader Joe's too :) tell the boys I'm jealous!
xoxoxoxoxoX2 = to everyone from US

Anonymous said...

How cool is THAT! And how many mamas would let their three boys have that experience?! You're a born unschooler mama!
Love ya ta pieces,
Pammy K.

Snavleys said...

What a cool way to get creative! And isn't amazing there choices? Great what kids will do when they have control over their own choices and their own bodies.

Heather said...

you are so brave!!! and the food choices!!! Wow!!

Ren said...

Very cool!:)

diana-still-evolving said...

Tag, You're it!! 8 things meme

amy said...

That is a neat idea-I tried it with Josh and he picked out his very own coffee, a bottle of herbals, and a chocolate. And he didn't complain once. Seriously though I'll have to try that with the real kid in the family too. I like the sense of ownership it allows.