April 12, 2011

Our Day

Zuri is under the weather (i wonder where that saying ever came from?) today, so we hung close to home.  We did spend a short bit at the park nearby.  Figured some sunshine and fresh air never hurt anyone.  She enjoyed herself, too.  First time riding the merry-go-round.  I was on it with he at first, but then had to get off and have her big brothers hold her on the horse so I wouldn't lose my cookies in front of all the other park-goers.

We spent some time on the trampoline, watched a movie (sage and I), played Xbox w/ friends (Saylor & Stone), watched Netflix thru Xbox live w/ friends (Saylor, Stone), hung clothes on the line (me), watched some Youtube vids (S,S,S), went for a walk with Grandma (Stone, Sage, Zuri, me), practiced some parkour (Stone, Sage), rode a bike (Stone, Sage), took a couple naps (Zuri), ate some frozen blueberries and strawberries, twice (Zuri), made a smoothie, twice (Saylor, me), started a hilarious book (me), played with the dollies (Zuri, me)... --- ... --- and a whole bunch of other stuff that I'm not thinking of now.  It's late, afterall.

I caught myself thinking today:  "Wow.  This is my life?  Really?  It's ***MY*** life!!!!!"  I'm Grateful beyond words for our beautiful life.  The simple things bring me so much joy.  Just being here to take care of our children in a mindful way heals my heart and makes me whole.  Everyday.

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