July 10, 2007

Helooooo Out There!

We’re tucked away in Bemidji, MN in the driveway of some wonderful unschoolers. Saylor, Stone, and Sage have played ALL DAY, EVERY DAY since we’ve gotten here. And, this is the house for playin’, too, let me tell ya! There’s the trampoline, the pool, and the woods to explore outside. Inside, there’s really too much to list! The Wii (oh! So much fun!) the PS2, big ol’ flat screen for watching movies, sewing materials and art supplies aplenty, guinea pigs and a corn snake, too! Saylor and Krya have been sewing bags and have plans to sew up a few more and sell them! ;) Last night before we headed to the bus for the night, Saylor said “Kyra, tomorrow, let’s sew all day”. He’s into it. We all watched as the snake was fed yesterday, the boys thought that was pretty cool!

Before coming here, we spent a few days in Northfield, MN near John’s brother’s place. John’s mama, Shirley, flew in from Virginia on the 30th so we got to hang out with her for a few days. We left there on the 4th and then she flew out on the 8th. Sage and Savannah (Jim’s daughter, about 1 month older than Sage) didn’t quite hit it off, so had to be closely watched when they were playing together. Sage was getting easily frustrated, not sure why? But, at two years old, I guess he really doesn’t need a reason. It’s our job to *be there* and help him through those moments! I only wish everyone else would have gotten that, instead of resorting to the “your kid is mean” crap. I could go on, but what’s done is done and I’m sorry for those who refused to see what an amazing child he is. ****big sigh**** Ok, moving on!

So, here we are, now, surrounded by gentle, loving, open-minded, open-hearted people! That’s always such a refreshing gift! I thank the Universe for bringing people like this to our lives. We’re so stinkin’ lucky!

(right at this very moment in time, Stone, Sage and Kyra are watching Shrek 2, Saylor is outside with Tim (dad-on-duty) chopping up a fallen tree, Kelli's doing her pool duties, Alec is engaged in WoW, Abbi is reading a big fat book and the house is filled with the aroma of cooking-all-day-long-in-the-crockpot chicken rice soup. How sweet it is...


Snavleys said...

We might just have to do that nose thing together:) Tanya hardly flinched and she was REALLY nervous!! The motorhome didn't sell so maybe next year we will be able to take another trip and come see you!

Sue and Steve said...

Yea! I'm so glad you're having such a great visit. I love that you have this constellation of wonderful unschooling friends scattered across the country!
As for the extended family's reactions, that's one of my biggest challenges, to stay centered in the face of others' resistance to my child's behavior. I know that I lose my center because I have their voice in my head somewhere as well and I can often believe it.
But you're right -- 2 year olds aren't mean, human beings aren't born mean. Humans can be born with a stronger or weaker experience of their emotional life (and stronger is most certainly a better internal guidance system for them when they grow up) and they can have tendencies to internalize or externalize their stress (and externalizing is more functional than internalizing, albeit a greater social challenge for us as parents -- but I think it's ultimately easier to help an externalizing child learn to channel it appropriately than to help an internalizing child learn to externalize more...)
I'm glad you're getting to recharge yourself in the energy of such accepting and supportive friends (as I've done with you many a time!)

Ren said...

I just might join you all, though I prefer 'toos over peircings.:)

I loved seeing the pics of you with the unschooling crew on the 4th. sniff, sniff.