July 23, 2007

Off to the lake

We're heading up into the hills to hang out at Robioux (eek, that's a hard one to spell, but it's pronounced Ro-Bay) Lake. I'll have to check for the real spelling when I'm there. Anyway, it's supposed to be another scorcher here today, so the temps should be somewhat gentler up there, and we'll be in the water all day, so it'll be good fun.

I've got the cooler packed with carrots, strawberries, grapes, watermelon, sugar snap peas, sandwiches, some chips and a few sodas. We've got our big jug of ice-cold water prepared, the boys are all running around here in their swim gear and we are ready to go! Dinner's in the crock-pot, waiting to nourish us when we return home, tired and hungry, full of happy memories and sand in places I won't mention! ;)

One quick stop at Albertson's for some ice and to pick up a movie for tonight (99 cent Mondays) and then we'll head up the hill, listening to Bowling for Soup ALL THE WAY THERE! Saylor already informed me we'll be listening to number 3 the whole way!

Enjoy the beautiful day, all!


Snavleys said...

Beautiful, joyful pictures Karen! It looks like you had loads of fun!

diana-still-evolving said...

Number three? I got to sing that *with* Bowling for Soup a couple of times, in person even!
(Eli says he did too, only better ;)

Hugs around! :)

Rita N Geo said...

HI!! If you ever swim at the KOA you might see Olivia!! You guys are too, cool! I am trying to fight fires in Idaho- wish I was swimming with you guys!!!!