July 17, 2007

Tuesday, July 17

Saylor is loving WoW. We went out yesterday and bought a head-set so he can chat with others (Hayden & Kyra) through Skype while playing. Sooo cool! And sooo easy! And sooo free! (except for the head-set).

Not much time to post more right now, I've got three boys that want to go to the park pond on a quest for crawdads. We're hoping to go now, while it's only 90 degrees. It's supposed to hit 103 today. We'll be coming home to watch a movie when that happens. We rented Ghostrider and Catch and Release last night from Albertson's. Gotta love their 99 cent Monday rentals! We watched Ghostrider last night, and we'll draw the shades, cuddle on the couch in the ac house and watch the other one today.

All's well...

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Snavleys said...

I will have to get Tristan back on there now that I know Saylor is playing. We have just been way too busy enjoying our very short summer! I need to sign up with Skype too.