July 25, 2007

Oh, whoa is me...

I'm outta coffee! And everyone is still sleeping, so I can't make a coffee run. And if that's the greatest of my woes, then I'd say I'm living a pretty damn good life! But, when the baby wakes up, I'm running to get a cup to tide me over, then I'll pick up some fresh roasted beans from our local roaster. They're wholesalers, too, so if I buy 5#, I get it at the wholesale price of 7.99/#. I can already smell the sweetness of some organic Mexican fair trade beans brewing up!

We went to the pool yesterday with Kendra and her three sons, Cole, Zach and Luke. They all had a great time with each other; they always do. We might do a movie with them sometime this week, as well. A cheap movie, that is! Our lovely little Elks Theater has $3 seats. We've got a couple big theaters, too, but we like to wait a bit and drop less cash to see a new release.

We played a dvd game last night and one of my questions was about Elaine Davidson, and how many piercings she has (she holds the world record). I guessed right, then we had to google her and find a picture. Pretty incredible!

We started to listen to Redwall last night, but most of us fell asleep before really getting into it. We'll try again tonight.

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kelli said...

Oo, Mexican beans I can smell it from here...oh wait, those are mine *g* yum!