July 28, 2007

Just me and The Babe

We went to Sheridan Lake, for the whooooole day yesterday. That's so how we do things, all the way 110%, no rushing us, man! We got there about 11:30'sh and left at 6:00. Saylor and Stone left with Amy and Adeline to spend the night with them in Deadwood. Sage and I came home, ate some crock-pot goodness, watched the first season of Weeds (LOOOVE IT! and Oh! the Music!) and shared a gourmet chocolate bar.

After every episode of Weeds was over, he'd say "Can we go now?" He really wanted to go be where his brothers were, and I kept explaining to him that we'd go in the morning. It is precious how much he loves his brothers. He's just a bit beside himself when they aren't near.

So, this morning, we're heading to Deadwood to catch the Days of '76 Parade and pick up our boys. Then, I'm hoping to spend the day at home milling around, pecking away at some neglected duties and relaxing. But...I have two boys who might have entirely different ideas of how our day should look, so we'll see.

Gotta get dressed and get going!


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Snavleys said...

Oh, I love, love, love the music on Weeds!! That's half the reason we watch it!! We just watched the first half of the second season.