August 1, 2007

Water, water everywhere!

We have just been so darn busy lately, that my time is limited to share with you all what we are doing. Most of what we've been doing includes water and swimming. Yeah! :) The boys all have that cute little back tan, that stops just above their sweet little cheeks. Adorable!

We did the lake last Friday (oh, I think I posted about that). And then we went to the Rushmore Water Slides on Sunday with my sister, her children and the 2 Japanese exchange students they have for two weeks.

Yesterday, we inflated our Bonzai water slide, but then Robert came over and they all chose him, instead.

Today, we are going to go have Janice (robert's gma) help us thread our sewing machine. I haven't done it since highschool, and sat there and looked at it, like, 'duh'? She's the sewing expert, so she's agreed to help us out.

Saylor's hungry for crepes, so gotta go whip some up. I'll get up some pictures soon!

Blessed Be...

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Vicki said...

Wanted to say Hi! and thank you for the nice comments :) I wanted to stop by while we were in RC, but I knew you were in CA or on your way back and we didn't want to intrude...even though I wanted to! :) We'll get together someday and paint our boys fingernails..hee hee..i saw one of yours did that, and at the same time one of mine had pink nails.