August 14, 2007

A Hot One!

Yesterday, it reached something like 105 degrees here. Ouch. Stone wanted to return one of his b-day gifts to Toys-R-Us, so we headed out there to see what he had in mind. We ended up spending extra time there cruising around on their wheeled toys, just for fun (and cuz it was nice and cool in there, too!) He decided that he'd like to return the remote control Jeep, get a smaller remote control car for himself, and then a remote control boat for him, and one each for his brothers. What a generous soul! We got the boats, loaded the batteries in them on our way to the pool, and they were a great disappointment. The batteries didn't stay dry, the boats didn't turn, and actually ended up filling with water and flipping over.

So, after 4 hours at the pool, the boys wanted to return the boats and Stone wanted to get Saylor a car like the one he'd chosen for himself earlier, because that actually worked and was fun. Mama was quite spent at this point, hot, tired, but mostly hungry, it turned out. After eating a delish dish at Qdoba, I found the energy and ability to smile and say, "YES! Let's go return those boats and get that car!" Well, we did just that, Stone saw to it that Saylor and Sage each got a car to bring home, and they've been having the best time cruising their cars all around together. As a matter of fact, Saylor and Stone are outside right now driving them. And I've just retrieved Sage from our bed and delivered him outside to play with his brothers. Looks as if my morning coffee/e-mail/blog time is at it's end! Time to go be a mother to my boys!

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