August 8, 2007

Our Amazing Boys

They just do so much every day that makes me smile and melt with Joy. For the past several days, they've been practicing their bb gun skills in our back-yard-shooting-range. Funny, cuz if you saw our back yard, you'd wonder how we can do it at all! :) It's little. Anyway, there happens to be a stretch alongside the garage, long narrow open space, that they've been using. They set up their cans on the table, and then shoot them over, rarely missing. Just beyond the table is an overgrown tree, and beyond that is a privacy fence, so I'm confident that no windows will be sacrificed.

On Monday, our neighbor R. played with us most of the whole day. While he was here, they made a little fort out of a hole in the wall. Seriously, though, there is an access door inside my closet, that takes you to a space behind the wall, if that makes any sense? Right now, the space is insulated and the floor has exposed beams, with insulation between them. They used a large piece of wood that was in there to create a sitting space. John will cut some more pieces to finish off the rest of the floor, then I've got 2 big Pier 1 rag rugs we'll put in there for them, some big cozy pillows, some shelves. However, I must say that they've done quite a job of making if their own already, with no help from us at all. Saylor put his portable dvd player in there, along with a tiny little lamp, a fan and a couple of closet lights he picked up yesterday with his allowance. So, now when Saylor is MIA, I can find him up there, sneaking in some quiet time, watching a DVD, just hanging out. Pretty fun stuff!

We've been researching 4-H; Saylor wants to participate in their shooting sports. Stone will have to wait until he's 8, though. Ugh. Poor guy!

We've got fruit flies munching on a ripe banana in a jar.

Stone's busy planning his birthday party, set for this Saturday. We're thinking park, pond, crawdads, a couple cakes and lots of friends.

Today, out of the blue, Sage starts telling me about a scene from Shrek 2, where Donkey keeps smacking his lips and Shrek and Fiona (he remembered all these names, too) said "DONKEY!" He told me all of that! And we haven't watched Shrek 2 in a looooong time.

While looking up 4-H stuff, I came across a link to a park here in town, that I didn't know about. We're thinking of checking that out today.

I love these boys of mine, my little Zen Masters, my Greatest Teachers!


Amy said...

Always good to hear what you guys are doing! That fort sounds like the neatest thing! Accalia and Cole would love that!

Madeline said...

Oh I wish you were closer. My 10 year old is so into shooting and would be all over having unschooling friends to shoot his bb gun with - that sounded ominous! He would love to share this passion with someone : )

4-H has shooting? I was going to look into it for Gillen's farm animals but shooting? wow. I'll have to look into that.