August 19, 2007


Late this afternoon, after a while of playing/riding/running in the nearby deserted parking lot, I felt the urge to start pulling weeds, again. (did a bunch a couple days ago, got a big job ahead of me). The weather was perfect for it, nice and cool with a bit of a breeze. So, I got my gloves and gave each child a cutting device so they could help with the big ones. We were all having a grand time, until Stone got stung by a bee. Poor child, he screamed his head off, it hurt him very much. I whisked him inside, put some lavender on the sting and gave him a homeopathic for insect bites/stings. Within minutes, he was making his baby brother belly laugh, the pain of the sting behind him.

So, we wandered back outside and I resumed the weed pulling and trimmed a few pesky low hanging branches. The boys made quick use of these branches to build a zoo by first setting up some decorative wire fencing around the table, then stacking that full of branches. Once they were finished, the Zoo Keeper (Saylor) let me know it was open and that it was free, so he led me over, insisting I keep my eyes closed. He introduced me to his two critters, Jackie the Bunny (Stone) and Wolffy the Wolf (Sage).

It was one of those evenings that everything was just right. We were outside until dark, everyone engaged in something they were enjoying. Saylor had some oldies station blasting through the yard, which just added to the whole experience. Nothing like pulling weeds to "you're mama can't dance and you're daddy don't rock'n'roll". Stone finally led me inside, telling me we were going into the aquarium now, and that there were gifts, but not for sale, for free, but I can only choose 5 so that there's enough for everyone... Oh, and it just went on and on!

Daddy-O is in B-town with the cool Traaseth's, so this post is especially for him, because I know Kelli will show it to him when she sees this really early tomorrow morning! :) Hope ya'll ate a marshmallow for each of us!


diana-still-evolving said...

Any chance you're thinking of joining Daddy-O?? We're heading for B-town on Friday to celebrate H's birthday in the best way he could think of -- with his unschooling friends! C'mon over and paaaartay!

Brie said...

Hey! I came upon your blog off a link from Pixie & Moss's. I have 2 boys (2 1/4 yr; 7.5 mo) And we're polanning a bus conversion as well! E-mail me please!
(I'm a Libra as well ;) )

nak-sry for typos :)

kelli said...

How cool!

I'm sorry though, we've been so busy I didn't even get to be on the computer to read until this morning :( (Monday) My parents are here too. But I know John felt the love through the air :)

miss you guys, especially when we're eating our tomato leek soup!

Heather said...

You have your very own boy zoo! I love it!!!! I love your blog!