August 30, 2007


We're still here! John came home last weekend, and will come home again this weekend. He's planning on getting into the parade (Labor Day Parade-he is a union man, after all). So, when he gets home, he and the boys will be busy gathering up all of their earth moving equipment, retrieving a load of sand or dirt for the trailer, and representing Local 49. The boys are stoked that they get to throw candy!

We went to our favorite little pond/park yesterday, and as Stone and I were balancing on the stone wall that surrounds the park, we saw a b.i.g. garter snake slithering about just below us. The boys caught it and played with her for a while, then put her back. Then, Saylor found a cutesy little turtle by the pond. We brought the turtle home and it will live with us until the excitement wears off. Stone has been spending every second with Striper. (y'know, cuz they have orange stripes!) He's tickled, to say the least.

After watching I-Caught, and hearing that there's a video on youtube that walks you through, step by step, on how to pick a lock, Saylor's been obsessed with everything "lock-pick". We've looked a many a site, and he's got his heart on one that looks like a ballpoint pen, that has 5 lock-picking tools hidden inside. For 39.95, it can be his! We're working on saving up that 39.95.

All's well! We've been doing so many fun and interesting things that I won't bother to list them all here. Just be assured we're doing great!


kelli said...

Glad you got to see John :)

miss you guys!

Heather said...

I am glad I didn't miss a bunch of updates...i havent had time to read blogs this past few weeks. glad all is well!!! ;)

Snavleys said...

Fun, fun, fun! So many things to discover in this wonderful world! So what are your plans for this winter? Travel or home?

Sean said...

Wow looks like things are going well. Out here in Cali the weather has been wierd, and the earthquakes keep waking us up but all is good here also.

Red Devil Dog said...

It was nice meeting all of you at the Buffalo Roundup.