April 30, 2008


My, my, my...we've been a flurry of activity around here! John left for Minnesota nearly a week and a half ago, now. Had some slight car problems on the way and ended up taking a bus ride from Mitchell the rest of the way.

Just after dad left, we attended two birthday parties for friends. One being 5+ hours playing at the park and exploring the stream (and lots of eating); and the other being 6+ hours of swimming at an indoor hotel pool and running wildly up and down the halls (and lots of eating). The parties weren't on the same day, obviously, but they were the same weekend.

We've made some new friends who happen to have a GIGANTIC 5000 square foot house, filled to the brim with interesting stuff. Their backyard opens to a large hill and then some woodsy area, so there's lots to do outside, as well. We spent a long day there last week, and each of the boys left exhausted, but so grateful for the time spent with friends.

On Thursday of last week, my phone rang at 11:15 pm. I was still up, (which is highly unusual) while my 3 angels snoozed all around me on the couches. I was trying to finish "Evening", and I'd been eating popcorn and had a coke earlier, which is probably why I was still up! :) Well, turns out, that midnight call was from a client who's water had just broken. By 11:45, I'd carried each boy upstairs to bed, my mom had arrived, and I was out the door to attend a home-birth. Beautiful baby boy was born at 6:20 Friday morning. I arrived home around 8:30, and managed to convince Mary to take the boys for a couple hours before her volunteer shift so I could fit in a nap. I was quite surprised to feel pretty darn ok, even after being awake for 24 hours, and squeezing in a 1.5 hour nap. (although I did almost exit the grocery store without paying...ooopsie...but by that time, I'd been through a whole other event...see below!)

After I'd picked the boys up from Mary's, and ended up loading all 6 of them (her 3) into our vehicle so we could play at our house for a while, Sage lodged a fish hook very deeply into his little thumb as we were unloading. I freaked, threw out a few panic stricken words of choice, then re-gained my composure and took him to a walk-in clinic. He nursed, called the doctors 'tupid' (not while they were in the room), and was other-wise not happy about this foreign object in his thumb. They numbed it topically a couple of times, then ended up snipping the one end so that they could push it through. No blood. Hardly any evidence of it being there at all. Lots of screaming, though. They asked me to put him up on the exam table. He wasn't ok with that. I held him instead, reassuring him and speaking gently into his ear while they did the thing. As soon as it was out, he was fine, and very happy to see the waiting room full of his friends and brothers.

There's just a snapshot of our past week or so. Good times, baby! No, really, I do mean "good times" (except for the fish hook incident, yikes!) We're enjoying the warmer weather. 80 degrees here yesterday. We spent the whole day outside and even ran through the sprinkler. Now the weather report tells me it's going to be 31 degrees on Friday? WTF?

Variety *is* the spice of life!


Vicki said...

Hi there! I think we're heading to MN, too...Janesville...he anywhere near that?

How lucky you are to be able to assist in homebirths. If we could have another I'd totally do it in a tub this time!

Sounds like you're really enjoying life! :) Peace, Vicki

The Arnolds said...

Hey! We had a temp drop too! It is supposed to be in the 30s tonight, but the fires are raging all over these parched New Mexico hills and the wind is a-blowing!