April 16, 2008

Two Beautiful Quotes

"Authentic spirituality awakens the soul, reconnects us with the sacred, and fills us with the passion of life. Spiritual development is not about religious rituals and practices; it is about waking up to the wonder of life." -- David N. Elkins

"To seek the living manifestation of spiritual and ethical values themselves, regardless of the label they come under, is to discover unexpected kinship... In this view, faith is no longer a matter of an allegiance to a specific community or identity, but a ceaseless search for the beautiful ways to realize the human potential in every given age and place." -- Mohja Kahf

It's interesting that that last one would come into my life only days after meeting someone at a wellness fair. The lovely young mother was inquiring about homeschooling in the area. I told her about BHHA (an inclusive homeschooling group here). She had to giggle, and then ask if we're the ones who are witches. She went on to explain that she'd met someone from the christian homeschool group, and that person felt the need to enlighten her to the fact that we over at BHHA practice witchcraft. Yep. Funny, huh! The mom was so sweet, though, and teasing us saying, "so, do you all dance around in the middle of the night naked?" To which I replied, "well, if being a witch means we love the full moon, have drum circles, celebrate the seasons and honor Mother Earth, well, I guess I'm a witch!"

It's troubling to me that there is a whole group of homeschoolers around here too afraid to try to know us as human beings. Afraid that my child may bring something evil into their lives...they're missing out on knowing some pretty incredible people! I'm so Grateful to have the trust and faith in my children to make friends with the people *they* choose; for things that really matter, like kindness and integrity (and fun!), not which dogma they subscribe to or don't. I'm pretty sure Jesus didn't have this in mind!


diana(hahamommy) said...

My reputation is intact!! *I* was the token witch in BHHA (I was thrust from my broom closet!) :D Sorry y'all have to pay the price -- I don't mind if the "Carbon Dating is the Devil's Lie" folks live in fear of folks like me ♥ They're not afraid of anything more evil than Truth, that's what they fear your kids will show them.
You can remind them I've moved far, far away, to witchiepoopooland, they've got nothing to fear from me! (...from god is a whole 'nother topic, hee hee hee)

Amy said...

Geez Karen, I didn't realize you were one of those! I might have to rethink staying in touch with you. ;-) Love all of the pictures you've just posted!