April 22, 2008

Up Early

6:30, to be exact. Thought I'd have at least 2 hours of solitude, to check e-mail, blog, sweep the popcorn off the floor and unload the dishwasher. At 6:50, upon hearing the thump-thump of the littlest set of feet heading downstairs, that changed...

Since I've made a commitment to myself to NOT be staring at the computer while my children are staring at the TV, (both have been happening a lot lately, and then I wonder why people are melting down...sigh...) I'm doing a very short blog, then I'm outta here. All of my other 'tasks' will have to wait until later.

We've got plans for Earth Day, but instead of foretelling them, I'll share them all *after*, how's that?

Happy Earth Day!

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