November 11, 2008

Birthday Dinner

I had dinner with my mom and sister tonight. It was a combined birthday celebration dinner for all of our birthdays, which fall in September, November and December. We had to get it in this week because my sweet, sweet Mama is moving to Reno on Friday. ...sniffle, sniffle...

BUT, it's all good. As long as I don't think too much about her actual absence, I'm really quite fine. I'm sure when Saturday morning rolls around and then Saturday afternoon, and she still hasn't come through our front door like she so often does, it'll hit me. And of course this has to go down while John is away. BUT, I'll be ok. Yes, I'll be ok. If I just keep telling myself that, it has to be true, right?

Anyway, back to dinner. We had a great couple hours tonight, eating too much, laughing together, and just really enjoying each other so completely. I'll cherish the feeling I had sitting there with them both for as long as I live.

In this picture, Barb said something that got us all laughing, and then it was contagious and we just couldn't stop. Y'know, the kind of laughing that you know you *must* contain, but you just CAN'T!!! Yep, that kind of laughing. So, although we took a couple other normal looking photos, this is my favorite of the evening! Gotta love it, baby!


kelli said...

Love the picture, such happiness :)

Vicki said...

It's a perfect picture :)

On the bright side: You guys get to visit Tahoe a lot now!

Alex Polikowsky said...

You all look so happy to be together!!
Oh and Naruto ( MD) wants to know when Stone and Sailor are going to come back here to visit?
And Gigi just came running as I was typing and reading to Naruto to say " My friend Sage!"