November 24, 2008

Preparing for Tomorrow

Tomorrow is the day I go in front of a judge to explain "why my kids aren't in school". I'm feeling very peaceful and confident about the whole deal. It will all go as I've manifested it to go. Certainly!

We've been busy knocking our to-do list down, checking things off as we go...that's always so gratifying! I sold some books today and upgraded our cell phones (we now have Smartphones! Yay!!!) while John and the boys worked on projects around the house. Our wonderful neighbor, Sam (the one who likes to toss spaghetti to the ceiling...ya, he's *that* cool!) was here helping out some, too, and even ran to buy some KFC for lunch for all of us. He's the sweetest! There are so many people I'll miss from our life here. I know they'll never leave us, just as we're not leaving them. Friends are forever. The real ones are, anyway!

So for right now, I'm focusing only on my task scheduled for 8:00am. Once I've checked that off my list of things to do, we'll be sailing onward to getting more boxes packed, preparing for the moving sale we're having this weekend, and loading up the bus.

The clock is a'tickin!

Sending love to the Universe...


Heather's Moving Castle said...

I hope all went well this morning. I'm so excited for your upcoming journey!! :)

The Arnolds said...

Thinking about you guys! Can't wait for the update!