November 19, 2008

Techno Talk

The boys discovered the game, Dinosaur World a couple years ago, and have played it a lot. It's on our desk-top, so Sage spent a little time last night exploring there.

Another of our favorites at the moment is Bloxorz (from the Miniclip Games site). Sage can get to level 4 by himself, and then he starts recruiting people to help him. Before you know it, we're all sucked in working together to get the block to fall. It's addicting! :)

Oh, and another bit of *EXCITING* news...

We got the Wii!!! So, yes, there's been bowling, tennis, boxing. All that good stuff is a happenin' here! We picked up 'Super Smash Brothers: Brawl' at a pawn shop, too, so that's keeping us all busy. And Sage chose a Simpson's game for the PS2. He enjoys running Homer around and having him kick things and speak his Homer-ese, which entertains fully!


Amy said...

Don't tell my kids, but they're getting a Wii for Christmas! I guess kids should include my husband because it's as much a present for him as it is for them. :-)

kelli said...

Look out for Wii arm... hee hee, after we got ours I had the sorest arm. I love pretending I'm this pro tennis player :)

Karen said...

It was my plan to get it for x-mas, too, but then I thought, "why not have it NOW!!" And Kelli, I've got Wii body, I think. My upper back and even my legs are somewhat sore today from boxing Saylor yesterday. So sad...he whooped me good.

Alex Polikowsky said...

How cool!!!!!!!!!!
Don't forget the downloadable games that are super cheap! Just go online with the Wii and check what is available.
We have been playing a lot of Wii lately. We did not play much this Summer but it has picked up now.