November 20, 2008


We had an overnight guest last night, and the boys insisted that he spend another night, so of course, we made it happen! He's a great homeschooler, with a GREAT family! He's the oldest of four children, and I was his mama's doula at her last birth. We spent most of yesterday playing at his house and then brought him home with us. We watched Wall-E last night, in between the other things they did until midnight...yawn! ;o

They've each crafted themselves some sort of a gun with an 'added on with duct tape' light. There's this little space you can access through one of our closets that they've claimed as their fort. Saylor even hard wired the space today with a functioning lamp, so they've got lightness in the dark now (we're all looking for that). He figured out how to go through one of the phone jacks by taking the plate off the wall, stringing through an extension cord, replacing the plate and Ta-Da! Light!!! Very clever, my son. Of course, my first instinct was to say something like, "well, you probably shouldn't have done that...blah, blah, blah", but thankfully, I was able to really share in his excitement and see what an accomplishment it was (i'm pretty sure i never would have thought of such a thing!) My boy was so proud and he came to share it with *me*. I'm so lucky!

We went swimming today, they've spent some time on the internet, we played the Wii for a bit. They enjoyed winding down last night by watching some pre-recorded Mythbusters. And tonight, we watched a program on Animal Planet about the vanishing frogs. We learned all about a parasitic fungus called amphibian chytrid and how it's killing thousands of frogs all over the world. We also learned why that matters to us, as human beings. It's been a great couple of days. We're watching Napoleon Dynamite right now. Why, yes! I can watch a movie and blog at the same time!!! :) Can *You*???

Except for the farting dogs laying at my feet in front of the fireplace (peee-eeeew!) everything is peachy! Hoping the same for you...

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