November 25, 2008

An Update

Some of you know the history behind the following update, others may not. E-mail me off-list if you want the digg.

Court was uneventful, really. I got there at 8 and at around 9:35 the judge called me. He read me the 'charge' (failure to send child to school) and asked me what I would like to do about this? I said I'd like to plead not guilty, because I homeschool my children. He said, "ok, then, let's schedule a dispositional conference for a couple weeks from now that you can come to and explain your position and allow the prosecution to ask questions". I explained that we were selling our house, closing on Dec. 4 at which time we were moving away, so I *get* to go to court again on December 3.

That's where it's at right now. I'm trying SO very hard to put it out of my mind so I can be present for my kids and helpful during all of our other things we've got to do until then. I do plan to do some research as to what to expect during a 'dispositional conference' so I can prepare accordingly for that. I really, really think that at that time, I'll show my exemption (of which I should have a copy back, approved from the school district) and that should be case closed.

I am disgruntled at the "charge", though. The only charge I should be having was that I didn't exempt, not "failure to send...". That charge is a class 2 misdemeanor, which can mean a fine and jail time, not that I foresee that happening. I just think it's ludicrous that that was the charge used. It's simply not accurate. Part of me right now is wishing I was a member of HSLDA or something with some legal clout. If I were, it may be that they could have sent a simple letter to the powers that be, and this whole situation would have disappeared.

So, doing my best to let the stress flow out of me and treat my boys with kindness (and myself, too!)

More later!

Peace, Love, Free,


Heather's Moving Castle said...

Thanks for the update! B/c O f your story I have reminded dh and kids to not tell people anymore than they need to know. Not saying you did anything wrong. Just trying to say thanks for the reminder that some people just dont get it. I know all will be fine for you, but I can see why this is so annoying and frustrating for you! I hope you never have to deal with this again.


Kendra said...

Still keeping those prayers going for you, my friend. Big lessons for us all. Keep your positive thinking going. All will be well.

Love & Peace, K

kelli said...

We're thinking of you and sending you great big positive vibes.

hugs to all of you~~