June 14, 2006


Someone very close to me, someone I love and respect, said to me today that "how do your children truly know that they have the option of going to public school if they don't know anything about public school". She thought it would only be fair to have the kids spend a day at school, so they can really see what school is all about and so that they can truly make an informed decision.

She's right! I'm completely in favor of informed consent/decisions. Why would any of us make a choice unless we truly knew what our options were. I pride myself on being one of those parents who really does *listen to* and *honor* my children, while helping them to get the information they need to make good choices. Sure, I can get my children to do exactly what *I* want, but I don't, especially if it's not fair to them if I'm withholding information that they may need to consider other possibilities.

So, what the h-e-double hockey sticks! I say, let's give every child in day care and public school a CHOICE, too! I mean, really, how can they know that that is where they really want to be if they've never been given the information or the freedom to choose something different?

Hmmm? She just may be on to something here! ;)


Snavleys said...

Amen Karen!!!!!

Snavleys said...

Martin and I are sitting here and we keep laughing about this post. Our kids are WELL informed about public school (they have friends, ya know) and they think it sounds awful. The choice: Go to public school and do what, when, and how the teacher tells you to learn...........or........have the freedom to pursue your passions. Hmmmmmmm......what a choice!

Ren said...

It's pretty much impossible for a home/unschooled child to NOT know about having school as an option. They hear about it from their friends, they ask questions about it (like they do about everything in the whole WORLD!), so they're VERY aware of that choice.

On the other hand, schooled children have VERY little knowledge of free choice. Most of them can't even concieve of the possibility that they don't have to do all the crap that's shoved on them daily!!

I haven't met a schooled child yet (since 1996) that isn't totally and completely jealous of my children's lives. My children have NO desire to have anything to do with most children's day to day requirements.:)

If they choose school at some point, it won't be because of the information their friends give them!! HA!