June 17, 2006

Up too late!

Yes, yes, I am up too late, but had to check on a few of my favorite bloggers and then enter in a quick one on ours, then to bed! Promise!
We had a fun day, some friends came over to play and then Saylor wanted to spend the night with them, so off he went to their house. We'd discussed going to Nacho Libre tonight, but he said he'd rather go hang out with Cole, so off he went. Cole's bedtime is 8:00, so he said that was ok with him; but I did mention that if he needed me to come and get him, I'd be happy to do that. So, about 8:30, I called to check on my little man, and Kendra said they had just all gone to bed.
John and I ate a -very late dinner- and were just chatting about waiting until Saturday to go to the movie so Saylor wouldn't miss it, when the phone rang; it was Saylor, ready to come home because he wasn't ready to go to sleep. "I'll be right there", was my cheerful answer. Loaded Sage up and headed out to get him. On our way back home, he was asking if we were still going to the movie; we discussed it and thought it would be fun.
I asked him if that's why he wanted to come home, to go to the movie, but his answer was, "no, I was awake and it felt like I could climb a tree and I just couldn't go to sleep"
Well, we got home around 9:40, quickly got everyone dressed to go, did some quick convincing of John to get out of his pj's and into some pants and come with, and we were at the theater by 10:00.
It was *F*U*N*! We all laughed a lot, and the boys stayed awake through all of it, with Sage finally falling asleep near the very end.
Nacho Libre: 2 thumbs up and another wonderful memory for our family!

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