June 23, 2006


On Monday night, a thunderstorm came through. We were all in the house, it was sometime after 9, and I was being beckoned out to the porch. So, I scooped up my baby and we planted ourselves on our little settee.
I love thunderstorms. We watched the lightning, heard far-off thunder, pretty, but not scary for Sage. Our windchimes were humming gently, and that fresh, sweet smell of rain was in the air. As we sat there together, Sage cozied in and nursed, trying his hardest to keep his little eyes open. I love watching my children doze off to that ever inviting sleep. His blinks just kept getting slower and longer, until finally, his sweet lids were closed. Then, I just sat and stared, and once again, said *thank you, thank you, thank you* for all the goodness in my life.

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Ren said...

I'm sitting here with tears in my eyes! How sweet.
I love thunderstorms too...so dramatic and beautiful.
We lost the electricity two nights in a row while at the Lovejoy's last week, then last night they were HERE and we lost it for a minute at Acoustic Coffeehouse. Sheesh!:)