June 27, 2006

'Unschooler' Defined

"unschooler, n : one who learns from life and love and great books and late morning conversations and big projects and eccentric uncles and mountains and mistakes and volunteering and starry nights..."
~~From a t-shirt found at: www.lowryhousepublishers.com


zenmomma said...

This quote is from Grace Llewellyn in The Teenage liberation Handbook. I was just rereading it and it caught my eye. what a great t-shirt it makes.

Heather said...

I love this quote! I hope you don't mind me adding it to my blog!

Snavleys said...

I love this! I just ordered Kevin and Tristan the t-shirts so it is funny that you just blogged about it. We miss you guys!!! Still going to work on you guys about coming to Alaska next summer!