June 23, 2006

Whole lotta stuff goin' on!

We have been living in a whirlwind lately. Here is a quick list of stuff going on with us right now, hopefully will have time to post more details later:

*John was asked, and accepted the challenge, to run for South Dakota House of Representatives for our district here in RC. Looking forward to learning a *whole bunch* from this experience.

*I've attended 3 births in the past few weeks, 2 in hospital and 1 at home. It's always such an amazing honor to be a part of the birth experience and I love it so very much! I'm pretty open now until November, when my next client is expecting her 2nd baby.

*John is getting PAID to dress up and ride horse and play for the next several days! He's an extra (who actually got a speaking part) in a docu-drama being produced for the BBC. It'll air here when it's done, too, so we'll get to see daddy-o shine! :)

*The boys each brought a turtle home on Father's Day (as a result of their fishing trip, no fish were caught, but 8+ turtles were!) We released them back into the wild today, and all shared in their obvious joy at being back where they belonged!

*John is taking out his first crew of riders this weekend. He's excited about it, and maybe a little nervous? He'll do great and everyone will have fun, I'm sure. Check out his site (a work in progress) www.mad-tours.com

Whew, I think that's it for now!


Ren said...

It's so fun reading about all of your bubbly interests! You WILL let us know when the Docu-drama airs right?:)

kelli said...

Hi Karen!

Wow, I didn't know of the new venture. Cool. Say hello to John from us and give the kiddos a hug. :)