January 28, 2009

Leaving Reno

Moments before pulling out of Reno. We left behind one sad Grandma, but we have plans to see her again within the next month, so it's all good! I did most of my crying the night before this was taken. For someone who isn't so great at good-byes we sure have set ourselves up for lots of them. It's a learning and growing experience for me, as always.

It was a great month for me, and the boys as well, getting to spend every day with my mom. We worked out together a bunch at a local fitness center and watched more movies than I can count. We love to watch movies! She spent all day every day just hanging out with us, whether it was in the bus, or running errands or walking to the park, or making dinner, or getting library books or browsing at the Goodwill. It was wonderful and I shall cherish that time for always!
Sage and his favorite playing partner! I learned some very good things about how to really p.l.a.y. with my children by watching her play with them. I'm so gosh darn lucky!
Sage requested that both of these pictures be put up, so here they are! Grandma knows how much the boys love biscuits and gravy, so she arrived Tuesday morning (the morning we were leaving) with fresh biscuits and homemade chicken sausage gravy. It was a relief to not have to worry about breakfast on the morning we're trying to get everything buttoned up, tied down and ready to pull out. She also baked a pizza for us to eat later on down the road. She takes such good care of us. Again, I'm so gosh darn lucky! I love you, Mama! Thanks for being *you*!
Sage, Saylor, Ruka and Stone.

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kelli said...

It's so cool that you got to have this time with your Mom :)