January 10, 2009

A Quickie

We're having a great time exploring and discovering in and around Reno. We found a quiet little campground that's very inexpensive. Since Grandma is here, we committed to a month long stay, and the rate comes out to be just over 8 bucks a day. We do pay our own electric, but that won't be much. Best of all, just a short walk from here is a decked out park with a play structure, large field for running wild, bmx track and skate park. Stone is clicking right along with his skateboard, really getting the whole thing figured out. He's got such balance on that thing. I can barely stand on it, and he's going a quarter of the way up the half pipe like it's nothing. Every day, he has a little more confidence and a little more skill. So fun to watch the process.

A week ago, we went to the indoor rock climbing place and the boys climbed for a few hours. They loved it so much, we decided to get a 'membership'. They pro-rated us for the time left that we'll be here, so it was a great deal, and now they can climb every day if that's what they so desire. Saylor is requesting climbing shoes for his birthday...and a harness...but we'll start with one or the other and keep our eye open for a good deal on the rest. I really, really, really want to give it a go, but John and I have our hands full belaying the boys, so we'll have to wait a bit for now. They're all naturals at it, climbing right up and ringing the bell with ease, even Sage! Monkeys.

We spent the day with some new friends on Wednesday and are returning to their house tomorrow to help them move. The boys are happy about the chance to play with them again. Mom and Dad are happy, too! We've got another get together planned for Tuesday and I might have them convinced to come into town one additional time beyond that so we can play at the park here and so the kids can see our bus.

John and I have been walking Max in the mornings while the boys sleep. There's a large hill right behind the campground that we hike up. Get's my heart a pumpin', too. It's been good to move some. I've started a 14 day challenge (hey, baby steps!) to do something, some form of exercise, every day for 14 days. Even on the days I don't want to, I'm just doing it anyway. Not letting myself off the hook. Hoping that I'm creating a new, positive habit. My mom and I went to a local fitness center today. We're both members of a spa in Rapid City, and there is a center here that is reciprocal, so we get to use it for free. An additional bonus is that the Trader Joe's is pretty darn close to the gym, so I can go get a good sweat going, then rush over for some good food! Can't have one without the other! :) Balance, baby!

My intention was to post pictures on the blog tonight, but here I am, all snuggled in to bed tap, tapping away on the computer, and the camera isn't within my reach, unless I want to actually get up and look for it, which I don't, because I really, really need to get to sleep now. So, check back soon, there'll be pictures then!


hahamommy said...

I was reading along and thinking "I should get Karen and Brenda together while they're out there" Whaddaya know, great minds and all!!
How cool to have two of H's friends hanging out with each other!! :) Big hugs to them from us and vice versa!

kelli said...

Sounds like an awesome time! And finding another family :)
Isn't it amazing being able to get outside and do stuff??? We were out walking yesterday and we kept saying.. "It's January!?!"

Heather's Moving Castle said...

Sounds like a good life to me! I thought of you all last night when Holden told me the neighbor asked him what we do for homeschooling. LOL. He told them he plays WoW and does homework--aka studies WoW a lot which entails a lot of learning. Life is exciting!

Can't wait to see photos.