January 14, 2009

A Reminder for Serenity

Late, late last night, or early, early this morning, I woke up with fret, worry, anger, resentment. For an hour or more, I laid there, stewing and steaming over this whole court bullsh** going on. The latest that I've heard from my attorney is that there's a 'pre-trial conference' set for January 20, and then a trial date would follow, if no agreement is reached, on the 29th of January.

The DA handling this whole case has been there less than 6 months and seems to be afraid to take any sort of action on this, for fear that it may make him look stupid later on. And in the meantime, I get to be drug along because he can't figure out the law? Or can't decide what to do, or if he should do anything at all. It's enough to make me scream. And, for every time I call my attorney, or my attorney calls him, or my attorney appears on my behalf, I get to PAY money. I am Grateful that I have the luxury of having an attorney, and I know he's doing all that he can. I just wonder how many letters it'll take before this DA guy can get it through his head that it's just a bogus charge. I've proven, beyond any reasonable doubt that we are homeschooling the boys. The one and ***only*** thing that I'm guilty of is not filing the paperwork asking the states 'permission' to educate my children. (which is a whole other topic of which disgusts me completely).

I have no faith or trust in our system. What frustrates me so much is that I have to work so hard to prove to them that this isn't true. What ever happened to 'innocent until proven guilty'. It's not working out that way, here. If I had asked for a court appointed attorney, and then was found guilty, I would be required, most likely, to pay the court back for attorney fees. So, since I have my own attorney, and they find me not guilty, they should reimburse me for *my* attorney fee's, right? I pity the sucker who just has to swallow whatever it is that is handed down to them, because they don't have the money, time, or support to demand anything else. It's just not right.

And so, the lesson from all of this...and there is always, always a lesson, is this, a little reminder...

God, Grant me the Serenity to accept the things I cannot change...
The Courage to change the things I can...
And the Wisdom to know the difference...

Feeling better already...thanks for riding along during my public therapy session!


Heather's Moving Castle said...

Thanks for the update. I thought this was all behind you and that is why you had not written about it sooner. I'm sorry for all the frustration you are going through. Your boys and family are such an inspiration. It is funny how some folks just can't see the forest for the trees. Life could be easier if humans weren't always trying to complicate it.

Hugs to you!
~Heather Brown

kelli said...

Hugs to you from us too, and I hope it all clears soon! Thinking of you and of this whole situation.

Snavleys said...

Uugghh, it makes me sick to my stomach to even think about it. Hugs to you my friend - I trust it will all work out in the long run. And they call this a free country...............cough, cough.

Sue and Maddie share this identity said...

you're right, that your situation is an example of how the machinery of government can chew on people for quite a while, once they get sucked into it. I so wish I could do something to make it better!

All I *can* suggest is to imagine yourself a year from now, looking back on this as something in the past, resolved, and not nearly as bad as you feared it might be.
*hugs* and *more hugs*

Heather's Moving Castle said...

I am giving you the One Lovely Blog Award. You can get the info from my blog. You can right click the award and upload it here, if you choose to. You are so awesome! I love ya!


Alex Polikowsky said...

Sorry for all that mess.
I hope you guys don't have to deal with t for much long.

Kendra said...

Hello my friend,
Thinking of you today and wondering how you are.?
My thoughts and prayers are with you--just know that your love will carry you through--and I, for one, know how much abounding love their is in your heart. I hope for peace and calm to come to you and all of your sweet boys. Give me a jingle when you're feeling up to it.
I love you, my sweets,

Jill said...

Hi Karen,

Thanks for the update, I've been thinking of you and hoping for a speedy end to this situation.

Sounds like you all are having fun in Reno. "Hi" to the Wilsons for me, I've played on WoW with them and chat with Alex on skype on occasion.

A belated Happy Birthday to Saylor. Love the pics, it's so fun to see your home.

Take good care,

Heather's Moving Castle said...

Thanks for the invite to your blog!

Heather :)

barefootOCmama said...

I am just so ... outraged! This is the second thing this morning that has made me feel like our government is completely ruining the American people. We are being forced more and more to give up our personal responsibility- in the name of some entity "protecting rights"! (The new CPSI law has me all in a dither this morning.) I admire your ability to see such a fine lesson- I don't know that I would have as much grace under the pressure. Our thoughts are with you.

Valerie said...


Thanks for the invite. Chenoa asked me to tell the boys HI for her. I just got done reading the latest update... all I have to say is that you are one of the strongest women I know. That being said consider yourself hugged! If you need to talk I am always as close as the phone & email too.
Much Love sent your way,

Amy said...

Oh Karen, big hugs to you! I would feel just the same if it were happening to me. This seems to have happened to a lot of homeschooling families I know in SD. Wonder why that is? Stay strong and have comfort in knowing how much this means to your boys.