January 31, 2009

A small sigh of relief

Heard a little more about the court situation on Friday. The state's attorney wants me to plead guilty to one charge of 'not sending child to school', and he'll drop the other charge. (two kids, two charges). He's only going to ask for $54 in court costs, no fines, and he said he'll take all of the suspended jail time stuff off the table completely. He's requiring that we either enroll the kids in school within our district or provide a valid homeschooling certificate. Our exemption has been held up since this all started, so hopefully they'll get it to the school board and grant us the exemption once they've been given the 'all clear'.

My attorney was out on Friday, but his secretary forwarded me the letter from the s.a. I'll be in touch with my attorney on Monday and we'll proceed from there.

Feeling so much better about this, but still want it signed, sealed, delivered and DONE!!!

I've been blessed with incredible kindness from my friends and family, even strangers, through all of this. I love you all from the bottom of my heart! Thank you for lending me your strength and compassion when mine was wearing thin! I'll keep ya posted...


amy said...

Ah,that just makes me breathe a little easier too. So glad for you.

kelli said...

I'm glad you're seeing some closure here. Sorry you had to go through this B.S.

love ya!

Sue and Maddie share this identity said...

A small sigh?? Man, I'm breathing a huge one on your behalf, although that really is an idiotic proposal, making you plead guilty on one child and not the other. It completely undermines their position, imo. And as you've said before, all you're actually guilty of is failure to file homeschooling paperwork. But I'm sooooo glad a resolution is in sight!
The photos are so fabulous! You all are having such great experiences (wrinkly old butts and all).
We are thinking of you often and fondly and are so glad to catch up with you!

Alex Polikowsky said...

Hope everything works out. So if you plead guilty is that a misdemeanor ?What happens now that you are not living in SD?