January 10, 2009

What we're into...
Sage is in the black, Stone's on the floor in the blue.

Loving the chance to share a new experience with the ones you love!

Dad and Saylor constructing an addition to the back bed. They scrounged the materials from local miscellaneous piles, cost to us...nada! That's my kind of remodel! ;)
At the Scheel's in Reno (or maybe it's Sparks?) they've got 2 huge aquariums. One for fresh water fish, the other is salt water. They were so big and beautiful, you actually walk underneath them, because they are constructed as 3 'pillars' with a 'bridge' connecting the pillars. The pillars and bridge are all aquarium, visible from all sides and underneath. We saw many different types of fish, but our favorites were the shark and the itsy bitsy stingray.

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