January 28, 2009

Stone and Sage were experimenting with some make-up...I think lipstick gave them this effect. Creepy cool!

Stone's big score from the local Save Mart, a $2 giant Stuey! (hmmm, spelling on that, I'm not sure? Kyra would know! :)

and Stone battling at Jump Man Jump in Reno. And you'll see John zipping down the slide in another photo here. The proprietor of this fine establishment is a fellow homeschooler. He was very friendly as we spent some time chatting on our way out. He was curious and supportive of our travelling plans, as most people are. I've yet to meet someone out here who says anything negative. So refreshing! If you're ever in the Reno area and the kids need to blow off some steam, I highly recommend this place! The sessions are an hour and a half long, and believe me, we were all beat by the time we were done! Our friends from Lake Tahoe joined us, making it all the more fun!

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kelli said...

That Stewie is AWESOME! I'll show Kyra :)